Maintaining clean environment is a must, not only inside the building, but outside too that can be serviced by a seasoned parking lot sweeping service company. Having a fresh parking lot and maintaining it will lessen the harm your facilities endure over time. Cleanliness is the secret to maintaining your property looking fresh and new. A reliable sweeping service is a service provider that will schedule superior parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, track out sweeping and other services when it is least disruptive to your job schedules. We understand the laws surrounding your properties storm water mitigation requirements as well as structure track out and EPA guidelines for property development. Contact us and let’s keep your properties and projects clean and fine free.

Tampa Bay Parking Lot Sweeping Professionals

Parking Lot Sweeping

Businesses often have parking garages or parking lots attached to their buildings, which is why your company needs a good parking lot sweeping service. Your parking lot is a facility that you offer to better serve your clients or to attract new ones. Before clients see your office, store or facility, learn about your services, or become aware of your products, the first thing they notice is your parking lot.

Retail Sweeping

Maintaining clean surroundings is a necessity, not just inside the building, but outside as well which should be serviced by an experienced parking lot sweeping service. Having a clean parking lot and maintaining it will lessen the damage your property suffers over time. Cleanliness is a key to keeping your property looking fresh and new.

Construction Sweeping

A reliable sweeping service is a service provider that will schedule quality cleaning when it is least disruptive to your work schedules. We understand the laws surrounding construction track out and EPA guidelines for property development. Contact us and let us help keep your Construction Project clean and on schedule.

Street Sweeping

Through the removal of trash and toxins off of streets and roadways, the quality of life for workers, customers, and residents is improved. Street sweeping reduces runoff and improves water quality. Maintaining streets to be free of hazardous materials or flammable items, such as tree trimmings, reduces fire risks for neighborhoods.

Milling Sweeping

Road building and construction will usually consist of recycling the existing asphalt into an asphalt aggregate that can be used in the manufacturer of fresh asphalt during the paving process.  Our regenerative air vacuum trucks have the capability to capture lost aggregate and increase the yield per mile.  Contact us today to see what we can do to assist in your project.

Industrial Sweeping

Industrial areas require special attention and sometimes require clearance before entry into the facilities.  While these facilities have the same parking lot issues that require storm water mitigation and lot sweeping services as any other facility, we have the experience and knowledge to manage access levels and expectations on an industrial scale.

Tampa Bay Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Sweeping Specialists

Professional Power Sweeping Services

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. is a full service parking lot sweeping company. We use state of the art sweeper trucks with regenerative air and side brooms to vacuum your pavement of all types of litter, trash, rock, glass, leaves, sand and grass or any other items your visitors may leave behind. We operate multiple trucks 7 days each week. We serve the entire Tampa, Florida area. Each of our trucks truck is equiped with GPS to verify the arrival and departure of our trucks.

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. can provide your facilities with our full service sweeping program, or tailor a service to the needs of your property. Our service is available every night or any number of nights each week.  We consider full service to be: 

  • Sidewalks blown of all litter, debris and trash.
  • All trash and litter in the corners, handicap parking spaces, islands, cart return racks and all areas that the truck can’t access, are blown into the parking lot to be swept up by truck.
  • All parking areas and pavement are swept of all trash, litter, and debris.
  • All green space, landscape, islands and flowerbeds are handpicked of large  litter, trash, and debris.
  • Trash receptacles are emptied and liner replaced. 
  • All entrances and exits swept.
  • Service areas and dumpster enclosures cleaned of large debris.

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. prides itself in offering unmatched quality, service, and reliability. We are committed to doing the job right every time. We know that a clean lot, at a reasonable price, is important to your business and budget. We are always available to discuss the needs of your property. 

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. uses the quiet, dependable, Nite-Hawk Sweeper to erase the daily abuse customers can afflict on your parking lot. We make it possible for your parking lot and grounds to start each day fresh and clean.


Please let us know how we may assist you by requesting a professional assessment from our management team