Bulk Item Disposal

Bulk Item Disposal

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. prides itself in offering unmatched quality, service, and reliability. We are committed to doing the job right every time. We know that a clean and safe lot, at a reasonable price, is important to your business and budget. We are always available to discuss the needs of your property. 

Tampa Bulk Item Removal - Power Sweeping Services

Our Bulk Item Removal Services Cover:

  • Items left behind by tenants that have vacated a property
  • Abandoned property left next to dumpsters, behind buildings or various locations on your property
  • Tenant property set out after eviction processes have been awarded
  • Random event debris that may not fit the sweeping services or the refuse collection containers

Griffin Parking Area Maintenance, Inc. provides Bulk Item Removal services for those instances when your property needs a little extra attention. We can be called on for bulk item removal or have directions for your property where we handle these extra items as we see them on our regular schedule. We make it possible for your parking lot and grounds to start each day fresh and clean.

Dropped Off Items

Commercial properties are often a magnet for dropped off items. Like it or not, sooner or later they’ll show up. We can remove the items for you and transport them to a proper disposal location quickly and easily keeping your property clean and safe.

Tenant Set Out

In some instances a tenant set out process will need to be scheduled when an eviction process has legally been granted and items have been left behind.  Timing is important and you must be prepare for large items. We provide the service you need.

Abandoned Property

Commercial properties will often be left with furniture and other items that are abandoned when a tenant vacates a property.  We can assist with hauling off the large items that simply are not feasible for the property manager to handle.


Please let us know how we may assist you by requesting a professional assessment from our management team